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Aerial Cinematography | Golden, Colorado

Aerial Cinematography, Cinematography, Inspiration, Life, Video March 7, 2016 No Response

The years have taught me that it’s important to step away from client work and re-charge the creative batteries every once in while, so that’s exactly what I did this weekend. I threw tquadcopter in the car, and met a friend at what turned out to be one of the most absurdly beautiful filming locations I’ve ever shot in.

Aerial Cinematography | Golden, Colorado

One of my good pals introduced me to an AMAZING location on Saturday that has instantly become one of my favorites. This place is insanely beautiful, and a TON of fun to fly in!

It’s a little horseshoe canyon, that for obvious reasons, is extremely popular with Colorado’s rock climbers and slack-liners. In a relatively small area, there are thousands of really interesting, jagged rock formations that seem to transform and completely change in appearance, depending on the angle and altitude.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, standing in a canyon, surrounded by granite slabs that are probably full of iron deposits, but my little Phantom had a really hard time finding enough satellites to fly in GPS mode, so I was in fully-manual ATTI mode 90% of the time. Normally, not such a big deal, but I was trying to squeeze into a lot of tight spaces, and the thermals in the canyon blew the copter around quite a bit. It was kinda hair-raising, but also incredibly fun! I”ll definitely be going back for more!

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