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Wedding Cinema + Portrait Photography | Denver, CO

Aerial Cinematography | Elitch Gardens | Denver, CO.

Aerial Cinematography, Cinematography, Inspiration, Life, Video March 15, 2016 No Response

Got up early on a Saturday to enjoy a nice, relaxing sunrise flight over an empty Elitch Gardens amusement park in downtown Denver.
No lines, no waiting, no arguments over funnel cake, no $50 slices of pizza. Much more relaxing this way.
If you’re interested in contracting aerial cinematography, or aerial photography for your wedding, please give me a shout!
If you’d like the same for a commercial project, please feel free to contact my production studio, Site07 Creative.
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Motion Control Timelapse | Comcast | Denver, Colorado

Cinematography, Site07 Creative, Timelapse, Video March 8, 2016 No Response

Keeping busy over at my commercial studio, Site07 Creative  —

I just wrapped up my second day of shooting motion-control timelapse sequences for an upcoming Comcast spot, filmed in Denver. Here’s a short edit of some of the shots I set up. Really pleased with how it turned out! Prior to taking this photo with my phone, I had kicked off my shoes, rolled up my pants, and had the whole camera rig *IN* the water. The client loved it. Building security? Not as much.

Motion Control Timelapse | Denver, Colorado

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Aerial Cinematography | Golden, Colorado

Aerial Cinematography, Cinematography, Inspiration, Life, Video March 7, 2016 No Response

The years have taught me that it’s important to step away from client work and re-charge the creative batteries every once in while, so that’s exactly what I did this weekend. I threw tquadcopter in the car, and met a friend at what turned out to be one of the most absurdly beautiful filming locations I’ve ever shot in.

Aerial Cinematography | Golden, Colorado

One of my good pals introduced me to an AMAZING location on Saturday that has instantly become one of my favorites. This place is insanely beautiful, and a TON of fun to fly in!

It’s a little horseshoe canyon, that for obvious reasons, is extremely popular with Colorado’s rock climbers and slack-liners. In a relatively small area, there are thousands of really interesting, jagged rock formations that seem to transform and completely change in appearance, depending on the angle and altitude.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, standing in a canyon, surrounded by granite slabs that are probably full of iron deposits, but my little Phantom had a really hard time finding enough satellites to fly in GPS mode, so I was in fully-manual ATTI mode 90% of the time. Normally, not such a big deal, but I was trying to squeeze into a lot of tight spaces, and the thermals in the canyon blew the copter around quite a bit. It was kinda hair-raising, but also incredibly fun! I”ll definitely be going back for more!

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Funkiphino | Broncos Super Bowl Victory Parade | Denver, CO.

Cinematography, Life, Music, Site07 Creative, Video March 1, 2016 No Response

A few weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity through my commercial studio, Site07 Creative, to film the illustrious Denver party band, Funkiphino’s awesome performance at the massive Denver Broncos Super Bowl 50 victory event in Civic Center Park, downtown.

With nearly a million fans in attendance, it was easily the largest outdoor event I think I’ve ever witnessed, let alone shot video for. With just two days’ notice, and a breakneck performance schedule, the event was an enormous challenge to shoot, but luckily I had the help of two of Colorado’s best filmmakers to cover the event — I can’t thank Tage Plantell and Brent Murray enough for bringing their considerable talents to bear on the project. I simply couldn’t have done it without them.

What you see here is just a short trailer. The band is currently mixing the multi-tracked audio from the event, and I’ll be editing and releasing a longer video once that’s been completed. Can’t wait!

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Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery | Brand Film | Site07 | Denver, CO.

Aerial Cinematography, Cinematography, Editing & Post-Production, Site07 Creative, Video March 1, 2016 No Response

My apologies for not updating the blog in a while, but I’ve been quite busy over at my commercial studio, Site07 Creative.

I recently had the pleasure of creating a brand film / promotional video for Schmidt Facial Plastic surgery here in Denver, Colorado, as well as some motion-graphics design, and a couple of patient testimonial videos. I’ll also be releasing a mini-documentary a bit later in the year, focusing on a pro bono patient of Dr. Schmidt’s who underwent a fairly dramatic transformation to address some facial disfigurement with reconstructive surgery. The patient is an absolutely fantastic guy, and a genuinely kind, gentle soul, so I’m extremely excited to have the privilege of sharing his story. Really excited about it!

If you’d like to see more of the work I’ve completed for Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery, please feel free to head over to the project page on my commercial site.


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