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In addition to being a gorgeous bride , Amy’s a National Park Ranger, and her groom , Justin, is a 100% legit, working cowboy. As I’m a huge proponent of maintaining our National Parks and public lands, and a big fan of animals and the outdoors in general, I liked them both immediately. They were totally on-board when I wanted to chase around horses and pigs with a camera, so we got along great!

They’re two of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet, and so were their friends and family.

Amy’s dog, Bear, was a feral rescue, and one of the sweetest, most loyal, and cooperative doggos I’ve ever met. He did a *fantastic* job as the ring bearer, keeping the couple company throughout the ceremony, which I thought was unspeakably awesome.

I had a GREAT time spending the day with them at the beautiful A Painted View Ranch in Westcliffe , Colorado .




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A Painted View Ranch, Westcliffe, Colorado.

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