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This summer, I’ve been trying something a little new, and have been collaborating as a second-shooter with some incredibly talented Colorado cinematographers and photographers.

To be entirely honest, it’s been a bit weird to bypass some of my creative-control-freak tendencies, but the fun I’ve had, and the things I’ve learned by working with other artists has been more than worth it. I’ve been having a ball.

This was definitely the case when shooting Tom and Alexa’s thoroughly charming mountain wedding in Breckenridge with the ULTRA-talented Rachel Olsen Photography.

Rachel is one of the coolest, nicest, most laid-back people I met while I was in college. In all the time I’ve known her, I’ve never once seen her be petty, or mean, or cruel, or anything other than enormously positive and energetic. She’s GOOD peeps. So, it was a genuine thrill to be asked to work alongside her as the second photographer at an absolutely fantastic wedding held at Breckenridge, Colorado’s utterly charming Ten Mile Station.

The only problem was, Rachel is SO great at wedding photography, I found myself really having to search for unique angles and perspectives, so that I wouldn’t simply be duplicating the awesome shots she was getting.

To that aim, I kept shorter lenses on my camera, and focused on taking wide and medium shots, so that I wouldn’t be reproducing all the fantastic close-ups she was shooting.  I think it worked out pretty well! (You should really do yourself and favor and check out Rachel’s work, if you have a minute, or two. She’s really great!)

On top of being able to shoot with a legitimately gifted friend, the day was made even better by having an AWESOME couple like Tom and Alexa to work with.
They were a riot. Both Tom, Alexa, and all their friends were just hilarious. So funny. No, I mean FUNNY. I was busting up all day.

They were also tremendously thoughtful and sweet. Sadly, Alexa’s father had just passed away shortly before the wedding, and the unbelievably kind, heartfelt words that were shared about him were incredibly moving. The speeches given after the ceremony were gut-wrenchingly honest and sincere, and interspersed with some of the funniest stories you could imagine. Everyone in the room was lurching between tears and hysterical laughter. It was really touching, and I was grateful that they let me witness it.

Alexa, her brother, and her Mom also created some AMAZING pieces of jewelry and wedding decorations, using photos of Alexa’s dad, that were really wonderful. I’ll let Rachel present those on her site, and you should absolutely take a look– they’re really something special.


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