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Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery | Brand Film | Site07 | Denver, CO.

Aerial Cinematography, Cinematography, Editing & Post-Production, Site07 Creative, Video March 1, 2016 No Response

My apologies for not updating the blog in a while, but I’ve been quite busy over at my commercial studio, Site07 Creative.

I recently had the pleasure of creating a brand film / promotional video for Schmidt Facial Plastic surgery here in Denver, Colorado, as well as some motion-graphics design, and a couple of patient testimonial videos. I’ll also be releasing a mini-documentary a bit later in the year, focusing on a pro bono patient of Dr. Schmidt’s who underwent a fairly dramatic transformation to address some facial disfigurement with reconstructive surgery. The patient is an absolutely fantastic guy, and a genuinely kind, gentle soul, so I’m extremely excited to have the privilege of sharing his story. Really excited about it!

If you’d like to see more of the work I’ve completed for Schmidt Facial Plastic Surgery, please feel free to head over to the project page on my commercial site.


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